cushion covers available in Scottish Home Style's online home decor shop

Check the Scottish Home Style shop to find some new products - the amethyst and the succulent cushion covers. Feast your eyes on the new designs available for your sofa's comfort and beauty.

x Beth

One of the other best bits about Christmas is the cheer you can get with cards and decorations. Get my best of baubles, cheeky Scottish humour and the personal touch.

For me, one of the best parts of Christmas time is the food! Whether a food and drink gift or just something delicious you've whipped up to feast with, I love it. So here are some ideas to whet your appetites...

I've put my heart and soul into creating original home accessories designs for your delectation! I'm starting you off with unique cushion covers, full of Scottish character, both modern and traditional. And I think they look pretty fabby, don't you? With a touch of Highland nostalgia, or a fresh modern twist, come and find out what's in store.

I love stationery. I have a notebook mountain, and never enough pens (despite having loads). I think good stationery is more than just a practical item, it beautifies the house too! So, here are some fashionable stationery items if you can't get enough of staring at pens, notebooks and other assorted bits! (Oh and, in an effort to support Scottish businesses, these stylish stationery beauties are all from Scotland! Which is just another bonus.)

This first post in a series will be all about beautiful, fashion notebooks, read on to check out the unexpected delights that I've found! ->

Winter is coming, and we all want to get in out of the cold. Spiders are no different. But what if, like me, you are an arachnophobe and don't look forward to spiders sharing your home? Here are some tips to help keep them outside where they belong!

Hoping to give you some tropical fruit inspiration for home decor and accessories, this post shows how pineapple, watermelon, and other tropical fruity beauties can be used to make your interiors mouthwatering. Let's get fruity!