Scottish Home Style

The humble bowl can be overlooked as an item of decor but these amazing products will show that they can be as much a part of your home style as the soft furnishings. A beautiful hand thrown or painted bowl can live on your sideboard holding fruit or just enhancing the beauty of your home. Bright glazes and gorgeous markings bring a glow and invite being held and touched. More than just some tableware, this is useable art!

Please bear with us while we change our name. We've gone from "My One Day Home" to "Scottish Home Style" as it better represents our thoughts and values.

But we're keeping up the same quality posts on gorgeous homewares including beautiful and practical furniture, soft furnishings and decor that fit in with our modern Scottish theme. :)

To further our aims of supporting local craftsmanship and innovation we'll be featuring Etsy Makers from our local area as well as eye-catching products from all over the UK or even the world.

If you would like to be featured, use the contact form at the bottom of the page and get in touch! If you have an Etsy or even Amazon shop, great. If you have a bricks and mortar shop in Central Scotland, cool. We can even feature interviews as well as product reviews.

If you're a shopper who just wants to see gorgeous vintage, handmade or downright cool items, please bookmark us and come back often! We may even be starting a mailing list soon.

See you soon!

Scandinavian woods comes to Scotland again. I know, I know, it's a bit of an obsession of mine. But this shop caught my eye on a bleak winter's day and I raise a glass of Aquavit to their good taste and Nordic sensibilites! Another Scottish handmade homeware retailer for your delight.

Last weekend I was thrilled to be able to drop in on the Etsy Made Local: Glasgow event. It was great to see actual makers showing off their products from handmade to vintage to upcycled awesomeness. In this blog, I like to support independent artists, artisans and small businesses. Something to think about when you're pondering what to buy this Christmas. How about something unique to your local area? Bring cheer to the local economy and get something special into the bargain!

turquoise blue abstract landscape art

I have slightly fallen in love with this artist's work. Maria Sa studied art in Portugal and has brought her work to the UK which she offers here in her shop called itisfine on Etsy. What I love about her art style is its dreamy, expressionist, abstract nature. But for each picture they are also clearly a memory of a place or a time that, whether real or imagined, Maria loves.

They are acrylics with a highly textured surface (called impasto) that makes them feel 3d and makes you want to reach out and touch. These works could hang in my Scottish home any time and would definitely add a touch of cool style to my decor. I can see them hanging anywhere from a cottage in the Outer Hebrides to a vibrant urban Glasgow pad. Enjoy!

What is shibori?

Shibori is a Japanese style of tie dying that often uses deep and dramatic indigo colours to make beautiful cloth that can then be turned into shibori cushion covers, shibori rugs, shibori wall hangings... you get the drift. Rather than just the random, splodgy effect we all remember from our tie dying experiments at school, shibori often uses very specific and beautifully symmetrical ties to achieve different shapes and patterns. Here are a few of my favourite shibori finds on Etsy!

The melancholy end-of-summer feeling is coming, but don't let it get you down! Here in Scotland it has been a shocker. It has been raining constantly and really low temperatures thanks to a jet-stream sagging lower than usual, apparently. But autumn is coming, my favourite season! And we can capture a few more moments of summertime happiness with a look at some gorgeous home furnishings that I will have in My One Day Home.