Scottish Home Style

Hoping to give you some tropical fruit inspiration for home decor and accessories, this post shows how pineapple, watermelon, and other tropical fruity beauties can be used to make your interiors mouthwatering. Let's get fruity!

Finding out the honest pros and cons of living in Scotland could be difficult. For people who've lived here their whole life, they have nothing to compare it with. I've lived in several different countries and travelled a lot, so I have some ideas of what people from other regions might find different, or unusual. I'm going to share that information in this blog post.

I was speaking to an American friend the other day who was talking about her experiences living in our small(ish) town in Scotland. I'm going to be brutally honest, her thoughts were not all positive. I often wonder if she knew what she was getting into when she decided to move here. So if you're curious about what it's like to live in Scotland, here is the truth.

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If you're like most people, your home has a narrow hallway and a bit of wasted space under the stairs. You might have already done something with that space, but if you are scratching your head looking for some ideas, we've found some great inspiration from around the web so you can see what is possible. The great thing is that these ideas can be used in other small, cramped spaces around your house that are currently sitting in need of some help!

Inspiration for interior decoration

When we think about high-end furniture or interiors, what do we normally picture? Something that is made from expensive materials? Sure, that's probably true. Something that is finished with a quality finish? Almost certainly. But in addition to that, I think there should also be the concept of 'astonishment'.

With the following collection, I wanted to curate items that didn't just look great and have a high price tag, but that made me go WOW! I hope you'll agree that this curated list contains items that are all show-stopping inspiration for your own home.

So maybe you can't get to Bali, and maybe it's hard to find the time to get the girls together for a day of pampering... Time to get the home spa in swing! I've scoured the web for these products that have one wee cheeky bonus - not only are they luxurious products that will help you get your bounce back, they're all sourced from Scottish shops! It's kind of a thing we do here ;)

It's a given that Scots like a wee dram, or at least we're supposed to. But whatever your disposition towards the "water of life", Scotch whisky provides a lot more than just a drink. The industry has given us plenty of inspiration for furniture, decor, glassware and much more to bring character to our Laird's manor.