3d printed home decor that blurs the line between art and function

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3D printed home decorations have been catching my eye lately. There are a lot of new businesses out there and I think some are still trying to find their way. There's a lot of computer game characters and logos being printed out. It's almost like the printers are owned by geeks (!) But the best designers look further are making home decor and furniture that shows the amazing potential for printing in three dimensions for interior design purposes. I've been sifting the best from the rest for you in my researches.

What is 3D printing?

Three dimensional printing is a process where successive layers of materials are laid down to build up an object. Plastic shapes are some of the most accessible, and some designs are mathematical and geometric while others are inspired by nature. All are lightweight. Many are made from PLA, a biodegradeable plastic made from vegetable starches.Almost impossible shapes are now as easy to build as hitting "Print" on your computer. The machines aren't cheap though, so I'll leave it to the professionals... for now.

I write affiliate linked posts, and this is one of those. What's this? N.B. prices and descriptions are accurate at time of writing and might have changed. Always check it is what you expected before buying.

3D Printed Wall Art, Decor and Furniture

3 dimensional stag head

Not only is it manufactured in just about the hippest way right now, but it also has the low-poly geometric design aesthetic! Much more civilised than having a taxidermied stag's head on the wall, this is a piece of home decor with humour.

Buy this 3D printed Stag's head faux taxidermy wall art - £33.25 plus shipping, available on Etsy.com. Ships worldwide from Glasgow, UK.

Elegant 3-D printed vase

These guys are getting it right. They use the beauty of mathematics to design these lovely items with graceful spirals, or geometric chunk. All of these will be lightweight and you can choose your favourite colour in most cases.

Set of 1 to 3 3D printed vases, choice of colour - from £13.30 + shipping, available on Etsy.com. Ships world wide from the United States.*

More from Mesh Cloud...

Stunning Walnut Side Table

Beautiful, lacy legs support this gorgeous walnut wooden table top. This studio takes the idea of 3d printing and elevates it even further. You can ask for bespoke amendments - so perhaps you could get a name or message engraved? The dimensions are 40cm W, 94cm L, 48cm H, and it weights 1.5 kg - which is incredibly lightweight for what it is. It is a bit costly, but it would be a piece of art you could be proud of showing in your home, office or anywhere! You can be pretty sure no-one else you know will have one, that's for sure.

Stunning Walnut Side Table with choice of black or white 3d printed legs £5000.00 + shipping, available on Etsy.com. Ships worldwide from London, UK.

"Hyphae" 3d Printed Lamp

Grow your own lamp! This lovely lamp mimics nature and the way leaves grow using clever computer simulations. The LED light included will not melt the plastic frame, and will take 240 Volts. (May need adapter, ask seller if in doubt).

Hyphae LED 3D printed lamp - £199.67 + shipping, available on Etsy.com. Ships worldwide from Massachusetts, United States.*

Watch a video of the "growing" process - a computer generated modelling of the finished product.

*UK shoppers: please be aware that customs charges may apply if you purchase a product from outside the EU. UK citizens can check customs rules here.


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