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I must admit to coveting terrariums whenever I see them. We had one when I was a kid which held a maidenhair fern. It wasn't very exciting and it was a massive beast of hexagonal plate glass which got my fingers every time I opened the lid.

But now you can get beautiful terrariums of all sizes and shapes these days, filled with a variety of gorgeous plants. Terrariums are good because they're low maintenance, which is important if you're like me and you're away travelling a lot. Or forgetful! The shapes are also often more playful, often blown from bulbs of glass and there are many with fanciful themes.

But that's not all! I'll show you some extremely inventive and unexpected ways with terrarium style and what you have to beware of when ordering terrariums online! Read on.

I write affiliate posts, and this is one of those. Read what this means and why I do it here. Remember prices and descriptions accurate at time of writing. Always check it is what you expected before buying.

Terrariums / Plant Holders, closed or open style

Terrariums can either be open to the air (ideal for dry climate succulents and cactuses, air plants and so on) or closed where the glass creates a mini ecosystem and water cycle. Either is a low-maintenance and fairly self-sustaining way of decorating your home and adding some nature to your house.

Massive gotcha to avoid when ordering terrariums online

There's a problem with terrariums that contain plants or plant parts - they can't be imported into the U.K. without permission from the correct agricultural department. That means most terrariums from the U.S.A. are out of the picture, sadly. There is some great work with succulents going on there! They'd probably get stopped at customs. But you can always look for a UK supplier or build your own with a kit that doesn't include the plants.

Here are my favourite Etsy UK listings. I've researched ones that will be fine for the UK.

Hanging Glass Terrarium 10cm Kit

You only have to water this little plant once every couple of weeks, or even less in winter. The kit can be customised with your choice of four different gemstone colours and red or green reindeer moss. It's a great little terrarium kit and it looks like it will hang much like a Christmas bauble would.

My ideas

Add a longer tie to hang it from the ceiling and have a small collection of three or four as a talking point.

Glass Hanging Terrarium Kit - £19.95 + £4.45 GBP Shipping (Available in the UK only)

Icosahedron Small Geometric Glass Terrarium

Like the one above, this terrarium is smaller in size at only around 10cm, beautifully wrought in the tiffany style. This terrarium comes without any bits and pieces, so it's a blank canvas for your creativity.

My ideas

Fill with some terrarium moss for grass and set mini figurines out in their own tiny world.

Icosahedron Small Geometric Glass Terrarium - £39.00 + Free shipping within the UK (Ships worldwide, though)

Teacup terrarium

What a cute idea! Selection of patterns on the teacup, handmade and illustrated, with a kit including all you'll need to make your own terrarium, even the succulents! Ships only to the UK with the plant, but you can also message the seller to request a kit minus plants if you live overseas.

My ideas

I could put this just about anywhere, but I think it would look particularly good on my kitchen windowsill.

Teacup terrarium - £32.00 + £6.00 (Available UK only unless specially ordered)

Lightbulb Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium

More like a kind of algae, the Marimo Moss Ball is a good luck gift in Japan, and considered a kind of pet! Keep it out of direct sunlight and change its water once a fortnight. Choose from a selection of colours of decorative gravel to complement your home decor scheme! Shipped in kit form, this is one of the few British sellers of this kind of water plant terrarium (aquarium??) on Etsy.

Lightbulb Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium - £10.00 + £3.50 shipping (Available in the UK only)

If you want to spend a bit more, checkout EcoSpheres, which are entirely self-contained miniature ecosystems, with small animals, "pioneered by NASA"!

Other things you might need

Succulents selection - £10.00 + £2.78 (Available in the UK only)

Cushion moss - from £3.20 plus shipping , UK only

Glass pebbles - from £1.99 plus shipping, UK only

Or forage your own moss, beautiful seeds, pebbles, beach glass, twigs, sand and so on for an artistic installation that's truly local to you!

Terrarium Jewellery

As I said, here is something you might not expect from a terrarium - wearable miniature terrariums! They are so cute, detailed and wee I just love them! Okay, some of them aren't always living and growing terrariums, but that just means they're even lower maintenance.

Amethyst terrarium necklace

This is a spectacular miniature piece of wearable art - the detail is incredible, thanks to the real Irish lichen specimens used and the artist's keen eye. The nickel free bronze chain comes in three lengths and it's got a great steampunkish quality to it. Want!

Amethyst terrarium necklace - £43.73 + £2.19 shipping to UK from Ireland

Baby's Breath (Gypsophila) bracelet

This bracelet has a beautiful nugget pearl detail and a globe filled with tiny, delicate flowers. It is lightweight and comes in a selection of lengths. Other flower petals available.

Flower filled terrarium bracelet - £23.00 + £4.00 GBP Shipping in the UK (ships worldwide and should be ok for customs as it is sealed, but do check).

Living Terrarium Necklace

This one is definitely alive as you can tell by the condensation inside the glass! It has a tibetan leaf silver motif on the chain and a sempervarium succulent plant inside.

Tiny teeny weeny terrarium in glass and cork bottle - £12.00 + £2.80 GBP in the UK from Cardiff, UK

Click through each of these links for higher quality, bigger pictures and reviews!


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