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The melancholy end-of-summer feeling is coming, but don't let it get you down! Here in Scotland it has been a shocker. It has been raining constantly and really low temperatures thanks to a jet-stream sagging lower than usual, apparently. But autumn is coming, my favourite season! And we can capture a few more moments of summertime happiness with a look at some gorgeous home furnishings that I will have in My One Day Home.

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Dream Wildly Reclaimed Wood Typographic Sign

This product blends two of my favourite things: reclaimed wood and typographic finesse. I really wish I had a steady enough hand to make something like this, but every attempt at signwriting has been, in a word, disastrous! So now I leave it to the naturally talented. The reclaimed timber texture gives each sign a unique finish, looking weathered by the seasons. It's is called a sign, and I can imagine it hanging outside your beach hut, but I think it could be used as a tray too. It comes in a variety of colours with names like "midnight" and "seafoam". Enchanting.

27 inches wide x 13 inches high x 1 inch thick. D ring hangers included.

More details for this sign now on Etsy

Here's another brilliant reclaimed wood sign by the same maker:

Giant Rustic Peg Wall Hangers

These foot-long giant pegs really make a statement. Humorously, they're made in Winnepeg, Canada. They could hold coats, towels, photos or anything, really. I can see them in any hall or bathroom, home office or den, showing your playful side but offering a practical element to your household. Notes attached here would not easily be missed!

12 inches by 2 inches.

Get these wall hangers now via Etsy

Or get them personalised with custom names:

Mid-century modern bedside table

I am in love with the colour of the paint accents - I think it is an incredible idea and I imagine you could upcycle a lot of retro furniture with just this kind of style. The bedside table is handmade from pine, stained a dark walnut then decorated with geometric stripe details in a matt shade of turquoise chalk paint. It says that the colours and shapes can be customised. Worth talking to the maker for a personalised touch!

Get this bedside table on Etsy

Upcycle your own projects

I'm inspired to look for a project of my own soon. A walk to the local charity shops or flea market can turn up incredible bargains which can be upcycled with a little care, attention and inspiration. Some listings on gumtree are free to people who will come and pick up a piece of furniture as people are updating and can't be bothered hiring a van to get rid of things. One man's trash is another's treasure etc.

Happy hunting!

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