Shibori Tie Dye Japanese Home style

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What is shibori?

Shibori is a Japanese style of tie dying that often uses deep and dramatic indigo colours to make beautiful cloth that can then be turned into shibori cushion covers, shibori rugs, shibori wall hangings... you get the drift. Rather than just the random, splodgy effect we all remember from our tie dying experiments at school, shibori often uses very specific and beautifully symmetrical ties to achieve different shapes and patterns. Here are a few of my favourite shibori finds on Etsy! I'm sure there will be future explorations by me into this as I love all things Japanese inspired.

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Shibori soft home furnishings

Indigo fishbone pattern hand dyed cushion

shibori cushion indigo pattern

Natural dyes have been used in this 100% cotton cushion cover which complements its beautiful, delicate style. Since each one is made to order, yours will be a unique version with maybe some variation in colour and exact feather-like patterns. Can be ordered with or without the cushion inside to save on costs. Will fit an 18 inch cushion but tightly so the cushion appears more plump. Plain backed, dry clean only.

Check more details, photos and buy this shibori cushion from Etsy

Shibori indigo lampshade

deep blue pattern tie dye lampshade

You supply the base, and they'll supply the beauty! This would suit a vintage lamp base that just needs the finishing touch. Ring fitting means this lovely lampshade can be used for either a table top lamp or a ceiling in pendant style. Get a bespoke version just for you - it can be customised to a different colour on request - maybe a rich red or a sunny yellow could be used? 33cm diameter, 20 cm tall approximate dimensions. Fire retardant and UV stable.

More details on how to get this lampshade

Luxurious linen table runner

Quirky dot pattern table runner cloth

Hand-dyed, hand-sewn, this table runner is a labour of love. Its dot pattern looks cool and elegant and you can customise the length to suit your dining table. 100% linen, it can be machine washed. This would look great on a variety of different wooden tables and will set off your dining set for any dinner party or even day to day beauty!

Find out more or buy the shibori table runner

Shibori is a great trend right now but it has been around for a long time and I imagine it will always keep its elegance once this phase has passed. Not every fad can say the same! Japanese minimalism and precision really fit in with the modern Scottish home aesthetic of clean and elegant styles, much like the Scandinavian trends influenced by the likes of IKEA and so on and the soft light really compliments the deep indigo shades without seeming gloomy. It has a clean but vintage vibe all at the same time! All in all, I love it!


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