Beautiful abstract paintings by itisfine

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turquoise blue abstract landscape art

I have slightly fallen in love with this artist's work. Maria Sa studied art in Portugal and has brought her work to the UK which she offers here in her shop called itisfine on Etsy. What I love about her art style is its dreamy, expressionist, abstract nature. But for each picture they are also clearly a memory of a place or a time that, whether real or imagined, Maria loves.

They are acrylics with a highly textured surface (called impasto) that makes them feel 3d and makes you want to reach out and touch. These works could hang in my Scottish home any time and would definitely add a touch of cool style to my decor. I can see them hanging anywhere from a cottage in the Outer Hebrides to a vibrant urban Glasgow pad. Enjoy!

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itisfine art - acrylics on canvas perfect for your home style

Turquoise large painting with wording

best paintings for wall art

closeup of wall art

This panoramic abstract painting reminds me of a coast with flotsam and jetsam or a mineral lake tucked away somewhere exotic. But the beauty of abstract art is that it could be almost anything you want. Your eye is the decider.

A pallette knife and abstract paints in shades of turquoise and brown and black and white make a spare, but bold statement and would look good on any neutral shade wall.The words "need me" have been scratched in the sky but the canny artists will allow you to change them if you want! This makes good commercial sense but I would urge you to choose something poignant as you're going to want this art to follow you wherever you may live.

I was attracted to this work immediately as perfectly fitting in with my Scottish home's style aesthetic, with a taste of the rawness of our weather, the bleak but incredibly beautiful coast. From here I was drawn to her other works as being equally awesome.

Shipping is free, which is a plus since this canvas is oversized and might otherwise be costly to deliver.

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Blue and orange urban painting with stencil numbers

urban landscape abstract painting in blue and orange with stencilled lettering

The artist has titled this picture with the word urban - I think to reflect the stencilled numbering - but to me it again evokes the sky and the water with a coastline. The sun appears to be setting and reflecting orange and red through the sea. Raised rings around the sun give a feeling of a shimmering haze of the evening as we watch the day fade and night approach. Stunning!

This acrylic painting is ready to hang on museum quality stretched wrapped canvas. Shipping is free once more

Check it out and see more images of this painting

Pink and Orange abstract mixed media painting

acrylic impasto effect painting

 home decor wall art painting in pink

The texture has been enhanced on this painting with a fine mesh embedded into the paint's surface giving it an extra finish that calls to mind graphic dot printing or pixels. Blobs and sworls of paint give another aspect of texture and bring the image alive. Pink, gold, orange and white have been mixed with masterful precision here, creating a beautiful picture anyone could be proud to put in their home.

I'm not the hugest fan of pink, but the way it has been used here is just right and the white streaks that drip down from the centre make one think of a sun setting over a forest or rainclouds and the white glow the sun, or at least that's what I see. Again, the beauty of the abstract painting is that it can mean whatever you want - or just be a pretty combination of colours!

Ready to hang canvas, and again, free shipping.

Find out more about this art here

I don't usually focus on just one maker when blogging here but I felt like Maria's work deserved the spotlight. I don't know her, she hasn't approached me, but her work speaks to me and that's what matters.

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