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Last weekend I was thrilled to be able to drop in on the Etsy Made Local: Glasgow event. It was great to see actual makers showing off their products from handmade to vintage to upcycled awesomeness. In this blog, I like to support independent artists, artisans and small businesses. Something to think about when you're pondering what to buy this Christmas. How about something unique to your local area? Bring cheer to the local economy and get something special into the bargain!

I write affiliate posts, and this is one of those. Read what this means and why I do it here. Remember availability and descriptions accurate at time of writing. Always check it is what you expected before buying.

I turned up to the Briggait (the venue) to see a line out the door! I watched it for a few moments, biting my lip, but it was moving quickly so I jumped on the end and was inside in only 5 minutes or so. Best of all it had finally stopped raining for a few moments! Scottish winters are very... well... Scottish.

There were around 60 makers displaying their wares on that day. There were a lot of female sellers, suggesting that Etsy is a great way for people to make income even if they are not the traditional business demographic or have to work around a family / care commitments. Sadly I couldn't include all of them. Some were sold out already. Some were not quite the aesthetic I am looking for in the blog, or not homewares at all. And some I couldn't reach thanks to the hordes of shoppers! So, here are my favourites from the day, in order of me reaching them.

Etsy Made Local: Glasgow event

Rachel Elliott Glassworks

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Rachel Elliott (also known by her quirky handle Flying Cheese Toastie!) has a beautiful array of glassware featuring British wildlife with eye-catching prints embedded. She's also recently moved from the sculptural aspect to print-making, which she mentioned was an unexpected challenge. Apparently moving from 3d to 2d isn't as easy as you would think. Anyway her beautifully designed items and clever use of animal shapes and print overlays and would make a great gift for anyone. Go look at her other stuff!

Visit Rachel's shop

Heather and Linen

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Soft furnishings time. Lampshades are a subtle accent to your home, often overlooked in favour of more obvious things like cushion covers or curtains. Heather and Linen's selection of modern chic lampshades definitely caught my eye. The difficulty was choosing which to take a picture of!

There are tactile tartans, gorgeous Scandinavian designer fabrics, fun and cool animal prints and they do wall clocks as well.

Go to Heather and Linen's shop right now for bigger pics!

Emily Rose Vintage

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This shop had an intriguing mix of small furniture pieces (presumably big pieces are hard to get to a marketplace style event) and a shabby chic and vintage feel to its items. She also stocks the paint that gives her upcycling projects such a retro feel so check out her shop for your new year's projects.

She also has a physical shop in Glasgow's Hidden Lane, in the vibrant area of Finnieston.

Visit Emily Rose's shop now!

Lucy Gordon Prints

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Surreal and humorous, Lucy Gordon's anthropomorphic prints stood out from the crowd. Each animal character has a name and you get the feeling they are much loved residents in her imagination. Their personalities leap off the paper and sometimes you get the feeling you've just interrupted them in the middle of something. These fine art prints would look good in any room.

Visit Lucy's shop to see more artwork!

Neon Magpie

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Apologies for the bad header pic, but the sun had made its annual appearance! When I visited this stall, two very cheerful attendants shared the wealth of their unicorn obsession! Fun cards, stationery phone cases, mugs and even colouring books are available with almost every iteration of unicorns you could think of in their whimsical style. Also included are pirates, animals in hats, dinosaurs and other hand-drawn epics.

Scoot over to Neon Magpie's Etsy shop!

Wee Tree Soap

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Again, not the best header image but I was only armed with my wee camera phone. But anyway, these soaps have everything going for them. They're natural and kind to skins that suffer eczema or similar. They're vegan! They're chunky so will last long and have a lovely look, would look great in every soap dish. They avoid animal products, palm oil (production of which can result in burning down rainforests) and sodium laurel sulphates etc.

I was chatting to the owner who said her own difficulties with finding soap for her children's skin conditions and was what spurred her to make her own and she now has a thriving business. A great story! One thing to remember is that because it lacks chemicals and perfumes found in most shop-bought soap, the scent of the bars is of the natural ingredients therefore very subtle.

Get some natural soaps at Wee Tree now!

Lola Polooza Designs

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For the rockers and music geeks in your life, Lola Polooza's selection of printed goods is as yet small, but might be just what you're looking for. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing more from this person soon. I would personally love to see mugs and so forth available in some of the designs. I almost didn't include Lola Polooza due to there not being many home style items, but I felt I had to since the stuff they were doing was so different from everybody else. Please take a look for yourself.

Rock on over to Lola Polooza

The Canny Squirrel

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Last but not least by any means, we're back to soft furnishings with The Canny Squirrel - gorgeous, tactile cushion covers, tablet covers and purses or bags made from Harris Tweed (you can't get more Scottish than that) with felt and embroidery animals posing. Characterful animals seemed to be a theme at the event, but these guys are stunning. She will also custom make you a portrait of your own pet onto a cushion! Unique gift ideas here. If you don't think you can afford it, there are also cards with similar designs so you can enjoy the fun too.

Pop over to The Canny Squirrel

I hope you've enjoyed looking at the items I've selected. Please share this with your friends and hopefully spread some Christmas cheer amongst the Etsy makers of Glasgow.


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