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Scandinavian woods comes to Scotland again. I know, I know, it's a bit of an obsession of mine. But this shop caught my eye on a bleak winter's day and I raise a glass of Aquavit to their good taste and Nordic sensibilites! Another Scottish handmade homeware retailer for your delight.

I write affiliate posts, and this is one of those. Read what this means and why I do it here. Remember prices and descriptions accurate at time of writing. Always check it is what you expected before buying.

MKKWoodenStuff Nordic / Scandinavian wooden housewares and furniture

Here's a selection of my favourites but there's also a link to the shop at the bottom if you want to browse for yourself.

Ash wooden tealight holder with aqua green decoration

I liked it so much I used in the banner image for this article. What a pity Christmas is already over. Made out of ash wood it is decorated with my favourite greenish blue hue of the moment! It is a double unit so you can split and shift them around to your heart's content. I think it's a really contemporary update to the idea of "Tealight holder".

Check it out on Etsy!

Home organiser / shelving unit

I love this little storage unit. They call it a "Portable multi-purpose 3 colours oak storage container,home organizer, wooden cabinet, modern shelf ,scandinavian style furniture" but I just call it "awesome". I can see it in a kitchen or office holding just about any little knicknack or tool you need. Each shelf is 35cm x 22cm x 9.5cm and the whole thing is 44 cm so it would fit on most countertop spaces or you could easily leave it on the floor too. What attracted my eye to this piece is the visible quality of beautiful wood on the interiors. You can also request other colours of paint when you order!

See more info on this shelving system now

Here's its cousin...

Wall-mounted candle holders

This stunning wall mounted candle holder is topnotch craftsmanship in my humble opinion. It's made from eco-friendly mahogany and will fill your room with calm, cosiness and interesting shadow shapes. 3 tealights included!

Find out how to get this tealight holder here

Wooden coasters with painted highlights

These cute solid oak coasters are painted in cool blue and will work pretty much as all coasters do. But being made from wood they should resist the ravages of use quite well. Bonus - they appear to come in a little burlap gift bag! Would make a lovely present to some lucky person.

Go get yourself some coasters!

Available in other colours too

About the MKKWoodenStuff Team

Kris and Gosia are obsessed with Scandinavian coolness and work from Edinburgh to make these beautifully handcrafted pieces for you!

Shop at MKKWoodenStuff's Etsy store here for more beautiful pieces, some without painted decoration for the natural wood purists.


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