Seven Plus Gorgeous Ceramic Bowls - Useable Art For Your Home

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The humble bowl can be overlooked as an item of decor but these amazing products will show that they can be as much a part of your home style as the soft furnishings. A beautiful hand thrown or painted bowl can live on your sideboard holding fruit or just enhancing the beauty of your home. Bright glazes and gorgeous markings bring a glow and invite being held and touched. More than just some tableware, this is useable art!

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I was a fan of the Great British Pottery Throw Down on BBC 2 recently. The crafting of exquisite bowls was somehow soothing and hypnotic. So I decided to curate this list of some beautiful bowls. It was a much larger list, really hard to whittle down to these finalists.

When having guests around, put out these bowls for dinner, holding crisps or even pot pourri! I'm going to review some of my favourite finds on Etsy from the brilliantly talented ceramicists there. Enjoy!

A Curated List of Handmade and Hand Decorated Bowls

Hand-thrown stoneware nesting bowl set

This Etsy shop owner has a clear love of pottery and glazing. This nested bowl set has a pearlescent sheen over the top of a green base glaze. Beautifully done!

Check some different angles and pricing on Etsy

Sakura (cherry blossom) Serving / Fruit bowl

Slightly wobbly, like the Japanese tradition that inspired it, this bowl has been impressed with a real cherry blossom twig then handpainted. Safe for dishwasher and even microwave.

More photos and pricing on Etsy

Porcelain Daisy Sugar Bowl with Spoon

Perfect for the sugar in your morning cuppa! These pretty little handpainted bowls come in a gently speckled blue, green, pink or purple interior with a subtle and sweet daisy chain decoration around the exterior. They are porcelain with stoneware glaze and completely food and dishwasher safe. Dimensions are 11cm diameter x 7.5cm high.

More images and buy now from Etsy!

Bright and bold orange ceramic soup bowl

Autumn leaves decorate this standalone soup bowl. Perfect as a quirky gift, this bowl can even be inscribed on order with a name or message. Also available (with slight variations in decoration) in blue and green, red and purple or dark blue.

Buy this autumn leaves orange soup bowl on Etsy

Other colour / decoration options:


Turquoise small tapas bowl

From Ullapool, in the Highlands of Scotland, this tapas bowl would look good in a set and since it is affordably priced, that wouldn't be a problem! Safe for food, oven, dishwasher etc. Maybe because the owner is inspired by the Scottish landscape, her pottery resonates with my ideal home style.

Some of you might have noticed that turquoise is one of my favourite colours! There's a bit of a theme!

See more pics and more of her work, and buy now on Etsy!

Handmade porcelain three-leg bowl / stand

I really do think this three-legged bowl would make a great addition to anyone's kitchen. Use it as a fruit stand or just a conversation piece, its retro 50s geometric pattern will have a great impact. Dimensions are 20 x 19 wide and 6 cm high.

More images and pricings in their Etsy shop.

Nucleolus plain small bowl

This Japanese ceramicist has some amazingly tactile and arty porcelain pottery on offer, but this simple little bowl was one I think I would use all the time. Embracing the Japanese art of perfection in imperfection with its organic undulations contrasting against the pure whiteness of the porcelain, the handmade bowl would sit comfortably in hand, becoming a piece of useable art.

Check it out on Etsy!

I hope you enjoyed and were inspired by this blog post, please let me know if you have anything you want to say on this topic in the comment section below!

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