Whisky Galore! - Scotch inspired home decoration

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It's a given that Scots like a wee dram, or at least we're supposed to. But whatever your disposition towards the "water of life", Scotch whisky provides a lot more than just a drink. The industry has given us plenty of inspiration for furniture, decor, glassware and much more to bring character to our Laird's manor.

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Whisky Barrel Furniture

These items are made near Glasgow by a husband and wife team, Reza Wood Designs. They take old whisky barrels and give them new life as useful home furniture. We these so much!

Whisky Barrel Stave Table

This little table, like the others in this list, is made from upcycling a retired Scotch whisky barrel. This clever use of something that otherwise might be thrown away will go well beside your sofa -- to hold your whisky glass?

Buy the Whisky Barrel Side Table now on Etsy.

Whisky Barrel Clock with Harris Tweed

There is something so characterful about this beautiful wall clock made with a couple of incredibly Scottish ingredients: whisky barrel wood and Harris Tweed.

Buy the Whisky Barrel Wall Clock now on Etsy.

Barrel Stave Lamp Stand

This lamp made from whisky barrel staves has us utterly captivated. It's turned a burly and practical object (a whisky barrel) into a chic and elegant item for house and home. As the Scots say, "Braw"! (Note: Shade not included, so you can get one that synchs perfectly with your colour scheme.)

Buy the Barrel Stave Lamp Stand now on Etsy.

Liked what you saw? Find more at Reza Wood Designs on their Etsy shop!

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