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Winter is coming, and we all want to get in out of the cold. Spiders are no different. But what if, like me, you are an arachnophobe and don't look forward to spiders sharing your home? Here are some tips to help keep them outside where they belong!

Tips for keeping your house spider free

In Scotland, autumn comes up to a month earlier than further south. It's not yet September, but leaves are already turning. Autumn is that tricky time when you're not sure whether you should start shutting your windows up or not. One thing that might convince you either way is the fact that autumn is mating time for many species of spiders, so randy males of the eight-legged variety shake off their summer laziness and start roaming in search for some action. That means they'll often end up moving around and into our homes a lot more. Just the last week or so I've had to remove no less than 5 spiders. And they were just the ones I could see!

Look, I know spiders aren't everyone's favourite, but they aren't poisonous (at least here, in Britain). They eat flies and generally are harmless wee beasties. It's not their fault they'd rather be indoors when the weather's dreich* - wouldn't you? But they are simply not welcome in my home! I try not to hurt them, removing with a gentle brushing or a cup and card where I can. But I would rather not have to remove them at all as I jump about 6 feet in the air every time they look at me funny. So, I've done some research and here are some (non-harmful) ways of keeping them from coming inside.

Aromatic oils

This has the added bonus of making your house smell lovely. Eucalyptus, peppermint, cedar, or lavender have reputed spider and insect repelling properties. Hence why lavender bags and cedar balls were popular - they'd repel moths from your pants at the same time as making them smell pretty.

Wiping some of these oils around the sills of doors and windows is supposed to stink for spiders, even as it smells lovely to us. You can dilute it with water a bit to make the strongest essential oils less eye-watering and test in an inconspicuous place first to make sure it isn't going to stain or blister anything. I have some pine-scented essential oil that I'm going to try. I will update with any findings!

Other suggestions I've seen include cinnamon or rose essential oils, cider vinegar, tea tree oil, or citrus and citronella types. Keep strong oils away from kids and pets, as they might decide to lick them and feel sick! But it's probably more healthy overall than spraying bug killer everywhere.

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Brush inside and out

It can seem a bit heartless, but keeping webs away will encourage spiders to find more peaceful surrounds! Take a broom to the outside of your house, especially near windows, extractor fan vents, and air bricks. For you severe arachnophobes, protective gear such as garden gloves, trousers tucked in socks and a hat are probably strictly unnecessary, but it might make you feel better!

It's also a good idea to deprive them of sustenance inside. Keep crumbs that attract spiders and their food - insects - swept and put in the bin.

Neat and tidy

In a grown-up version of monsters under the bed, keep knickknacks tidy and dusted often. Spiders love a good nook or cranny to lurk in, so take them away. Keep wood piles or other outdoor nook and cranny farms as far from your door as possible!

Fit a brush door seal

If you are more DIY minded, think about the seals around your windows and doors. Are there gaps underneath that the little buggers are getting in? You might need a door brush seal. Putting this on the bottom of a gappy door can help keep the creepy crawlies out. It also provides some draught exclusion, so points all round.

It's been fun, but...

I'm so arachnophobic, you only have to mention spiders and I can feel them crawling up my leg, so this has been a trial to write. That's one of the reasons there are not a lot of spider images on this page - why would I make it worse for myself and other sufferers! I can just about handle an empty web.

There are a lot worse things in life than little spiders, and I do feel sorry for them, hence why I feel guilt for ever having to do anything than just usher them out. I will be wiping pine-scented oils like crazy. Tomorrow, when it's light, and I can see them coming.

Have you had any luck with spider repelling tricks? Do let us all know in the comments below.

x Beth

*Dreich - Scots adj. Meaning grey, gloomy, miserable weather. So, normal Scottish weather. ;)



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  1. ive always heard that conkers will stop spiders from coming in. but i dont know how many you need to put out.


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