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Inspiration for interior decoration

When we think about high-end furniture or interiors, what do we normally picture? Something that is made from expensive materials? Sure, that's probably true. Something that is finished with a quality finish? Almost certainly. But in addition to that, I think there should also be the concept of 'astonishment'.

With the following collection, I wanted to curate items that didn't just look great and have a high price tag, but that made me go WOW! I hope you'll agree that this curated list contains items that are all show-stopping inspiration for your own home.

I write affiliate posts, and this is one of those. Read what this means and why I do it here. Remember prices and descriptions accurate at time of writing. Always check it is what you expected before buying.

When you're decorating your home's interior, you can be tempted to budget to the nth degree because of the number of things you need to get. So you get the cheaper, flatpack furniture for the bedroom, because you'll be the only one seeing it. The living areas you might allocate some more to, so guests have a nice time. But I want to convince you to splash out on one or two show-stopping items that will have pride of place for years to come, form a kind of hub about which you can style the rest of your scheme, and that withstand the pressures of fashion. To wit, the following list of outstanding luxury items. (If you can't afford these, I hope it will inspire a few thoughts on what you could do instead!)


Champagne Marilyn Pebble Rug

I can't believe that these are rugs! So realistic it's like bringing the outdoors in (without the dirt). This rug is handmade from cotton, wool, sequins and other hand embellished touches.

Honestly, it can hardly be distinguished from real pebbles from a distance, until you get up close and see they beautiful shiny sequins and other fabulous touches! Personally, I would probably use this beautiful rug as part of a faux indoor garden that I could lie on and pretend I was a fairy queen - much more comfortable way of doing it than the real thing ;)

Buy the Champagne Marilyn Pebble Rug now on Etsy.

(Or check out other gorgeous pebble rugs at Rugazzled's shop.)

Drinks cabinets

Geodesic drinks cabinet

As a high-class piece of furniture, the drinks cabinet has to be right up there. This funky design has room for your best whisky or whatever your tipple, and it closes up to make an artwork in its own right. Handmade from 60 birch plywood triangles with octagonal tapered legs of burnt, brushed and oiled oak, and is finished with solid brass detailing.

Gentrify your den!

Buy the Handmade geodesic drinks cabinet on Etsy.

(Investigate other wooden wonders in the DovetailandRabbet shop.)


The Charlotte Sofa

Coming in a range of colours (Sherborne Lime, Natural, Poppy, or Teal), this 2 to 3 person sofa or settle is eye-catching and has an unusual shape. Ethically sourced materials and comfort abound in this handmade item from Edinburgh in Scotland.

Buy the Charlotte unique design sofa now on Etsy.

(Find more unique handmade furniture from this maker, AllbyHand1976.)

Vintage G Plan Armchair

G Plan is a legendary brand of mid-century modern British furniture. The style now seems both futuristic and retro at the same time, and this handsome armchair is a great example of how this kind of furniture can be refurbished to keep its original charm, but fit right into the modern Scottish home. He (and I really feel like this chair is a he!) looks dapper, almost like he's in bellhop's a suit, ready to offer you a comfortable seat. A refurbished original from the designs of E Gomme, you might just need some G Plan furnishing in your household.

Buy the Vintage G Plan armchair now on Etsy. Warning! As a one of a kind, this chair might sell, so get there quick!

(Bouncing Hare have plenty more vintage armchairs in styles from Rococco to Art Deco and more. You should check them out!)


Etsy UK

As I said at the top of the article, there is a tendency to use cheap or easy furniture in our own bedrooms, but what if the place you sleep could be a cathedral? Imagine waking up feeling like royalty in this uniquely shaped four poster bed. With a rustic or country charm, there are plenty of options to finish this to suit your style if you don't think natural wood suits your decor and colour scheme.

Here's a version in grey, for example. You could also cushion the assymetrical headboard in something soft and luxurious. The makers can even do it for you for a bit extra.

Buy the Abowed Four Poster Bed now on Etsy.

(And find more of Abowed's rustic and sturdy furniture in their shop.)

Hall / Reception furniture

Reclaimed Teak Root Hall Table

If you've ever noticed the tables on BBC's Saturday Kitchen, this is one of those! The wood is ecologically friendly as it is sourced from National Indonesian Eco Programme, which encourages regrowth of forests and promotes sustainable livelihoods for local people, so it doesn't have the usual worries that this kind of wood can bring. They certainly are eye-catching and would not look out of place in a high-class corporate office or a classy home.

Buy the Reclaimed Teak Root Hall Table now on Amazon.

Find more options for ecofriendly teak root furniture at Inspiring Furniture Ltd's shop on Amazon

Outdoor and garden

The Pearpod Hanging Seat

Equally at home outdoors or in your living room, this handwoven hanging seat will swing gently about, bringing back memories of treehouses, long summers, and best friends.

Buy the Pearpod now on Etsy.


Rainfall Artwork

Art is very subjective, but this piece is also an intellectual endeavour. Modelled on 27 years of annual rainfall results from the city of Lisbon, this is a piece that will have you talking too. (Can be finished in different primary colours of red, white, or blue to help fit in with your decor scheme. Just ask the maker for more info.)

Buy the Rainfall artwork now on Etsy.

What do you think of my curated list? I had such a fun time finding all these pieces, I will have to do it again. There are so many inspirational pieces that could complement a modern Scottish interior that I need to keep searching. As always, I'll bring the best of my finds to you.

x Beth

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