Christmas Cheer part 2 - Cards and decorating!

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One of the other best bits about Christmas is the cheer you can get with cards and decorations. Get my best of baubles, cheeky Scottish humour and the personal touch.

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Cheeky Scottish Christmas Cards

There's no sense of humour quite like the Scottish. So here's some shining examples of this in the form of Christmas Cards. If you have to buy them, they might as well stand out from the herd.

Grumpy Owl Christmas Card

Everyone knows that one Scrooge on Christmas day. You can dress 'em up, but you can't make them HAPPY! But this wee guy's face would bring a smile to the Grinch.

Buy the Grumpy Owl Christmas Card by Nic Allan now on Etsy.

Plenty more cute animal designs available at Nic Allan's shop!

Nicola Sturgeon Christmas Card

From a joke about a fish to Scotland's equivalent of Luke Skywalker, Nicola Sturgeon's become more like our mascot than just a politician. "Wee Nicola", as she is affectionately known, is dreaming of an independant Scotland in this card for those who voted YES in the referendum. Don't know what I'm talking about? There's the door!

Buy the Nicola Sturgeon Christmas Card by Oh Corrin now on Etsy.

(But before you go, check out Oh Corrin's other funny card designs.)

Do you want to build a snowdroid? Christmas Card

Every family has one. You maybe don't talk about them, but they're there. The Star Wars fan. Fortunately, this is just the card for them.

Buy the Snowdroid Christmas Card by Super Cute Awesome Stuf now on Etsy.

Find more geek and counterculture cards in the Super Cute Awesome Stuf shop (and some cool gifts too).

Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Decorations

... from Scotland! Each of these Scottish makers has a different spin on the idea of Scandi chic, but each of them speaks to me. Maybe instead of giving IKEA more money this year, we could give it to these guys! (No judgement on the IKEA thing though. I am just as guilty as the next person of coming out with a trolleyful of Christmas gewgaws!)

Scandinavian Felt Dala Horse

This distinctive shape is a traditional Swedish symbol at Christmas time and these wee guys will brighten up the tree or a bare corner in your house. It seems they come in three designs, but your selection might be restricted as they seem pretty popular, and no wonder.

Buy the Dala Horse Decoration by Fantoosh by Sonia now on Etsy.

Scandinavian Christmas Hearts, Stars, and Trees

A set of three felt decorations for tree or garland. Choose from heart, tree, or star designs with delicate red hand embroidery stitching in that distinctive Scandi style. Festive cheer for your reindeer games!

Buy the Scandinavian Felt Decorations Set of 3 by Fantoosh by Sonia now on Etsy.

Nordic design Christmas lights


For a warm glow and an instant sense of hygge, how about these fairy lights? Four designs dance along the line of reindeer, snowflakes, and mistletoe. Great for Christmas, but in fact any time you want to be cosy.

Buy the Nordic design Christmas lights by Light Flight Lighting now on Etsy.

Personalised balls and baubles

Sometimes an ordinary tree decoration is not enough. In my family, we have a tradition of picking a special bauble to decorate the tree just for ourselves. These are even better.

Personalised hanging Christmas star

This one's perfect for the gift to say thank you to the special person that helped you get by, you know, the one you don't know what you'd do without. A thank you from a little one to their babysitter or teacher, a message from the heart to a carer. In any case, you can put the right names in here!

Buy the Personalised hanging Christmas star by Little Thoughts Gifts now on Etsy.

Hand Painted Personalised Portrait Christmas Bauble

Send a picture or just describe them, this personalised bauble has a handpainted portrait of the special person. Help your kids and family members feel part of Christmas by giving them their own special decoration to proudly display. Just don't have too many competitions to see who's got the best spot on the tree!

Buy the Hand Painted Personalised Portrait Christmas Bauble by the Dream Bean now on Etsy.

Personalised Baby's 1st Christmas Decoration

Sometimes you're not sure a portrait would work, especially when the special one is just new into the world! But this gift will bring a tear to their parents' eyes and make a great keepsake to look back on when they're grown up.

Buy the Personalised Baby's 1st Christmas Decoration by Little Thoughts Gifts now on Etsy.

Hope they these little touches! If you click on any of the links, it goes to a bunch more options, so go explore!

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