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Nicolas Cage novelty cushion

There are some items that just make you say "whaaaa?" and these are in that category. Nicolas Cage and Jeff Goldblum get their faces set in mermaid sequin pillows and it is awesome to behold. Plus a bonus Nick Offerman offering!

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The Men of Memes

Mermaid sequins are what these beauties are made of. You stroke one way and one colour shows. You stroke another way and a different colour shows. Well, some bright spark (Edinburgh based) has hit on the idea of printing one of these sides with famous faces!

A cracking gift idea for the friend who enjoys a joke (or has a thing for one of the following fellas). This should tickle anyone's funny bones, especially if they enjoy the famous Scottish sense of humour!

Nicolas Cage Sequins Face Pillow

Nicolas Cage novelty cushion

Nicolas Cage has one of those faces you'd like to either stroke or hide away. In either case, find some satisfaction in this novelty Nicolas Cage face cushion. Just a wipe of the hand one way or another hides or reveals the picture beneath.

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Jeff Goldblum Pillow

Jeff Goldblum novelty cushion

Jeff's torso is so famous, it recently got a statue replicating this scene down by the Thames in London. I mean, what more is their to say?

Buy the Jeff Goldblum Sequin Cushion now on Etsy.

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The Mona Ron Mug

Nick Offerman playing one of the greatest husky libertarians on the planet, Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson, playing one of the most famous faces in the world, the Mona Lisa. He'd be right at home in the Scottish Highlands, although probably not in that dress. I'm not sure which is more enigmatic, the gaze or the moustache.

Buy the Ron Swanson Mona Lisa mug now on Etsy.

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