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What is Spoopy? Spoopy is like spooky, but cuter. Halloween doesn't have to mean mean. It can mean quirky, cute, fun! As ususal, we're supporting Scottish makers here, so please don't *ahem* ghost them! (Okay, I'll see myself out)

I sometimes write affiliate posts, and this is one of those. It doesn't cost you anything extra! Read what this means and why I do it here. Products available and accurate at time of writing. Always check it is what you expected before buying.

Gothic Charm

Ghost Lace Embroidery

This spooktacular embroidery hoop is quirky but frightfully artistic at the same time. And who wouldn't want the beauty of lace worked with such skill?

Buy the Ghost Lace Embroidery Hoop now on Etsy.

Ghost lace bat

So good we had to share another spoopy home decor item from the same seller!

Buy the White Lace Bat Embroidery now on Etsy.

See Stitches of Anarchy'sofferings on Etsy.co.uk

Halloween Pumpkin Tea light holder

Look at these handsome lads. While they might not be as creepy as some of their other Halloween pumpkin rivals, I think they will light up any home with their goofy grins. Candles and flickering light make any home that little bit more gothic, and how appropriate is that?

Buy the Halloween Tea Light holder now on Etsy.

Other colours and designs from Mudness Ceramics on Etsy.co.uk

Witchy Woo

We Are the Weirdos Mister Print

A great line from a cult classic, the 90s "The Craft". This quote is by Nancy Downs and is perfect for those who love the movie, or just want to strut their witchy stuff.

Buy the We Are the Weirdos Mister Print now on Etsy.

Library Witch

Don't be late with your book returns! This library witch won't turn you into a frog. But she might look at you sternly. A super art print, so well drawn, it's like magic!

Buy the Library Witch Art Print now on Etsy.

Like her style? CHeck out more of this artist, fionacbdrawing, at her shop

Cat Tarot Deck

78 Card deck for tarot readings - featuring cats! The definition of spoopy, purrhaps. If you are a fan of mystic kitties, go check out the link for more pictures of cats depicting the major and minor arcana! A spooktacular gift or a cheery addition to your own home.

Buy the Cat Tarot Deck now on Etsy.

Haunted House Tartan Cushion

We obviously couldn't pass this one up. In a creamy pumpkin tartan, this haunted house throw pillow cover is a natural choice for a Scottish Halloween home decor idea!

Buy the Haunted House Tartan Cushion now on Etsy.

Friendly Monster Halloween Garland

These are the cutest little monsters ever! With loops at the back, you can string them into a garland or hang them as single ornaments, maybe on a twig? Hand-stitched felt bundles of creepy cutiepies!

Buy the Cute halloween monster garland now on Etsy.

Personal Accessories

Creepy Cupcake Halloween Necklace

Okay, so this is not strictly "home style", but you could wear it in your home? I guess? Anyway, this moulded plastic pendant has an 18 inch allergy free chain and oozes charm! And ooze!

Buy the Creepy Cupcake Necklace now on Etsy.

See more from Cherryloco Jewellery on Etsy

Kawaii pumkin sticker

This little guy is the embodiment of Spoopy right there. Kawaii (meaning cute in Japanese) is the style of illustration. It's 8cm and made of vinyl so might suit a phone or laptop case.

Buy the Kawaii Pumpkin Sticker now on Etsy.

Check Jennifairy W's shop for more Kawaii sticker buddies

Hope you loved that lot as much as I did. Next stop, Christmas. Where did the year go?
*sobs quietly into pillow*

x Beth


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