Winter 2019 - surviving the darkness into the light!

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Winter in Scotland is no laughing matter. Nights are long, days are often dark and rainy, and all too short. So the Scots have embraced all sorts of ideas on how to get through it. See our guide to surviving winter 2019 here!

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Let's get hygge

The Danish concept of hygge (meaning something like cosiness) is a great philosophy for Scottish people too. Snuggle up!

Stoneware Ceramic Huggable Mug

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, winter demands a hot drink to cosy up with. This mug is beautifully made, and in Scotland, too!

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Abaseen Faux Fur Throw Blanket Arm Hand Knitted Chunky Merino Wool Yarn Warm Sofa Throw Blanket 120x150cm, Ivory-Light Grey-Light Pink (Light Grey)

Cosying up with chunky knits is a great way to dispel the winter chill. Go overboard, the bigger the knit, the warmer the sit!

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Try something new

A lot of our winter blues come from a feeling of getting bogged down, stuck in a rut. Maybe getting out and/or trying something new could help. Did you know some Scottish Etsy sellers run workshops or offer downloadable tutorials? Now you do!

Gina Lillycrop Design workshops

This crafty designer can teach you how to work fabric into home style items! She holds them in the beautiful Dumfries and Galloway area. If one is not on right now, you can message this seller to get the next!

Browse the Gina Lillycrop Design workshops now on Etsy.

Email Journaling Course from Insightful Journals

Journaling has become a hugely popular way of increasing mindfulness, something which can be very important during winter. Take this email course to get help working out how to get the most out of this beneficial habit. (Also check out the seller's gorgeous journals in their shop)

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Beginners' Crochet Kit

Crochet is a very cosy craft and easy to learn! Get a beginner's kit that has accompanying tutorial videos to help you learn and while away the winter nights. (Check out this seller for possible workshops too!)

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Highland Drama - online pastel painting workshop tutorial

This digital download workshop means you can learn some Scottish art techniques right at home! Beautiful pastel work can be yours when you download this art workshop in PDF format.

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It's Science!

It's not just a staunch attitude that can help you get by in winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) is a real condition that can cause bouts of low mood and sluggishness. Effectively your brain is telling you to curl up and hibernate. Sometimes I think it would be nice. But most of us have jobs and families!

Knowing that your brain chemistry can be affected by the amount of sunlight you receive means you can fight back when the winter blues come for you! Look at these possible ways to zap that S.A.D.ness.***

Lumie Vitamin L - Slim Light Box for Effective SAD Light Therapy

A SAD lamp sounds funny but this could be one of the most important weapons in your arsenal against long dark nights. Use regularly to improve your focus, lift your spirits, and generally help you stay awake!***

Check the Lumie Vitamin L - Slim Light Box for Effective SAD Light Therapy now on Amazon.

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Vitamin D3 NHS Recommend Daily Amount

Vitamin D might help in the case of SAD. I can't say for sure but I do know it seems to work on me. Using the NHS recommended daily amount per tablet, this bottle comes with a one year supply of the supplement. And as a bonus, they're an easy-to-swallow shape!***

Check out the Vitamin D3 NHS Recommend Daily Amount 1000IU (25μg) per tablet 1 Year Supply (365 tablets) now on Amazon.

Ye Olde Exercise Regime

Much as we like to avoid it, the benefits of exercise are proven to improve health and might also help battle the low mood of winter. But it's awfy dark out there. So how about some indoor sport ideas?***


***DISCLAIMER: Always check instructions, use products as indicated by the manufacturer, and clear any new health regimes with your doctor, especially if you are already taking medication. We do not offer any medical advice, rather this site is intended for information and entertainment only.***

You can do it

With a little bit of hygge and a lot of canniness, Scots survive what can be one of the gloomiest times of year and look forward to the rousing traditions of Christmas and Hogmanay! I hope this helps anyone who lives here or further afield in the high latitudes.

Do you have any tips for getting through winter? Just let us know in the comment box below!

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