Affiliate linking, legal, privacy and terms

I use affiliate linking to link to Amazon or Etsy and other retailers. But they haven't asked me to recommend any of their products, I'm doing it because I genuinely like these items. If I find there are problems with them, I won't be shy to say. The reason I'm doing this is because retailers offer a small (often vanishingly small!) commission sometimes when you buy their products. My receiving this commission doesn't change the price for you, you still receive that great online value.

The Advertising Standards Agency likes people to make it clear that what I am sending you to is in my interest, hence the "Affiliate Linking", "Sponsored Post" or "Advertising Feature" type notices. I think it is a little misleading as it looks like the retailer has requested the post or put words in my mouth (not the case) but I like to stick by the rules as much as I can. I hope that makes it clear!


Some of this site's functionality is enhanced by cookies. And advertisers may track who has clicked on my affiliate links via cookies. That's just how the system works, I'm afraid. Cookies are just very small files that contain a little bit of stored information to say you have visited a site, or requested something. They will not send anything to other parties that you didn't visit.


I won't spam you. Any email or other communications you receive will be because you requested them such as a newsletter you subscribed to or user feedback. I won't sell your details to third parties, firstly because I don't really see them unless you share them deliberately, but also because I think that kind of thing is despicable!

If you have any questions about this, please comment and I will answer as soon as I can!

x Beth


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