Scottish Home Style Shop - Original Designs

Original soft furnishings and art designs from our Scottish home to yours

Welcome to Scottish Home Style's new shop! I've designed these myself and the orders are fulfilled by - please note each product will open on a third party (trusted!) website.

Soft Furnishings

Cushion Covers

Available with or without the cushion insert.

Tropical leaves cushion cover Jungle cushion cover design

Bring the exotic climate of the tropical rainforest into your living room. Or you can just practice your Tarzan calls in bed with these lush jungle leaves!

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This alpine garden closeup brings some beautiful nature into your living room. Cosy up with a succulent garden, adding a photorealistic aesthetic to the sofa or bed.

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Luscious purple tones in this amethyst gemstone macro photography. Make your lounge dripping in precious opulence.

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Autumn leaves drifting and looking beautiful on the silvered wood of a cabin porch. Good all year round, not just the fall.

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Where does your heart lie? For some it's Scotland! This cushion shows some tartan swish. Do you heart it?

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Geometric home style with a twist - tartan turned at 45 degrees to give you a new perspective on what "Scottish Home Style" means.

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Light as a breeze on an electric blue sky, these graceful butterflies add some flutter to your home.

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Please note that as this is a third party storefront service, I have little control over their fulfilment of your orders. But if you have any problems, please let me know using the contact form in the footer of this page so I can make changes if necessary. Thank you!

PS if you are wondering about tartans, why not look at the Tartan Register to find all official tartans in Scotland, as well as tweeds!

x Beth


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