About Scottish Home Style

I'm Beth and I'm going to be blogging my way around contemporary Scottish and UK home design and style, finding the best things that I would love to have in my own house, if I had the money and the space! I will be looking at the garden and outdoor living too!

We good design

Look out for projects, ideas, recommendations and reviews for your own home style. We love modern, sleek and fresh or vintage, handmade and quirky equally but they will all be things that brighten up your life.

Too often, when people think of Scotland they think heavy, dark tartans and wood panelling in a dingy space, but this is not the case in most homes anymore. Maybe some hotels like to play this side for the tourists, but I think Scotland now has more in keeping with Scandinavian design - we're both northern countries with long, dark winters and need our surroundings to be light enough to reflect what little sunlight we get.

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think, I love comments about what people are doing in their own homes.

x Beth


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